When Ioannis Orfanos violently abandoned the land of Ionia in Minor Asia and finally settled in Patras, trying to redefine roots there, his attention focused on the region of Mintilogli, which he considered appropriate and favorable for cultivation.

So in 1927, impressed by the quality of the territory, he bought this Estate together with a stone farmhouse from the Tripoli’s Bishop Efstathios. He chose the vineyard as a crop, because it brought him closer to his roots, kept his memories alive from the lost ancestral land and soothed his sadness. Thus, planted rod on the rod, the first vineyard cultivated together with the olive trees of the Estate, gave him the satisfaction of living and working with his family.


After the death of Ioannis Orfanos in 1938, the Estate was inherited and extended by his son Emmanouil Orfanos, who transformed it into a small independent vineyard that included several Greek varieties such as roditis alepou, kerino, sultanina, fraoula and Corinthian raisin.

At the same time, he created a small winery with the rich potential of raw material and using machinery and equipment of that time, such as barrels, wooden manual presses and pumps. The passion for good wine continued for several years and was always marked with success both by Emmanouil and later by his son George Orfanos.


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