Orfanos Estate is open to anyone who wants to get to know and taste the world of wine. Both the vineyard and the winery are open and accessible to the public throughout the year.

The tour begins with a walk in the vineyards of the Estate, where the visitor experiences a unique and unforgettable experience offered by contact with nature. The tour continues in the production, wine-making and bottling areas of the winery and ends in the wine cellar where the showroom and shop are located, and the visitor has the opportunity to taste every variety of wine in the Estate.


Orfanos Estate gives great importance to educational activities, so it offers the opportunity for our little friends (preschool, elementary and high school children) to get acquainted with basic agricultural work and wine harvesting  processes  through discussion, observation, short games and activities. Children through the natural environment and the museum area will learn the traditional tools and methods of viticulture, together with the modern machinery and vinification methods, giving them the opportunity to approach and appreciate concepts such as tradition, continuity and evolution.

For group visits and training programs,earlybooking is required. For better organization of your visit, please contact us beforehand toplan yourtour (private, small or large group).

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