V i s i t s E d u c a t i o n

Time for yourself


A peaceful environment, where you can browse through the Estate’s vineyard, olive trees, cypresses and orange trees. You will be able to explore old oenological equipment, and also modern ones while enjoying a glass of our wines.

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E s t a t e T o u r

The vineyard

Walk through the grape varieties such as Malagouzia and Assyrtiko and learn about the significance of careful cultivation for the final characteristics of the grape juice.

W i n e - M a k i n g T o u r

The winery

Our guides will explain you, the delicate process of turning grape juice into wine through alcoholic fermentation, using stainless tanks and oak barrels.

Tasting Room

E x c l u s i v e T a s t i n g

Group visit

Wine lovers have the opportunity to taste a range of our wines, accompanied by local delicacies, while being explained the importance of food pairing.

Children are welcomed but under supervision at all times. In case of food allergies or restrictions, we would like to be informed in advance. Thank you for your understanding.


W i n e & C h e e s e f o r T w o

A private tour

Enjoy an immersive tasting that showcases the range of our most alluring wines combined with select artisan cheeses for a truly wine and flavoring experience.


Club Member

E x c l u s i v e W i n e C o c k t a i l P a r t y

A glamorous one-time event that meets up all wine connoisseurs.

A f t e r n o o n P i c n i c

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We can hold a picnic where wine-makers and wine-lovers alike meet to enjoy each other’s company. Combined with select wines and freshly made 3-course meal for everyone, this is the recipe for the perfect Sunday afternoon.